Hazel Park Amateur Radio Club - W8HP / W8JXU

About Us

The Hazel Park Amateur Radio Club (HPARC) is an ARRL Special Service Club open to all who are interested in the hobby of amateur radio communications. The club was formed in 1965 with the motto: Service Through Education. We have held entry level license classes each year ever since, helping hundreds of people become amateur radio operators. We now offer upgrade classes each year for both General and Extra class licenses.  Our Volunteer Examiners provide testing sessions every other month and after classes as needed.

The club goals are to bring together amateur radio operators to share experiences, exchange ideas and knowledge, along with helping mentor new enthusiasts who were interested in the hobby. To meet that goal we meet monthly with a presentation. Members receive a monthly newsletter and other benefits.

Our club has also expanded its services by helping out the community at public events, emergencies, disasters, and Skywarn spotting. We are the southeast Oakland County subnet for testing outdoor sirens during tornado season. We successfully test all of the sirens at least twice each season.

Our group has met weekly on the 2-meter band for 50 years. The 2-meter net started on 146.16 AM and is currently held on the DART repeater on 146.640 –  (100Hz PL) where it meets every Sunday evening at 9 PM. We also are very proud of our club’s CW net, which we hold at 28.025 MHz on Tuesday evenings at 8 PM.

We have participated as a group in ARRL Field Day since 1967 and have done very well over the years. The first Field Day was held at Norm Raymond WA8ZPL’s QTH in Ferndale. We now hold Field Day at the Hazel Park Schools’ Camp Hazel Woods in Holly, Michigan. Everyone is welcome to operate with licensed operators during this special event. The club callsign W8JXU was acquired in memory of Al Hoffman who was a friend of all Hazel Park hams. We use that callsign for the GOTA station during Field Day. We have another call W8HP that we use for our main repeater and during Field Day.

Read more in our handbook.


Hazel Park Amateur Radio Club Officers
President: David AA8IK
First Vice President: Jim K8ABZ
Second Vice President: John AA8UU
Treasurer: Bob N8REL
Director: Bill N8QVS
Secretary: Reuven KB3EHW
Parliamentarian: Hugh KE8BED
Hazel Park Amateur Radio Club Volunteers
Public Information Officer: TBD
Webmaster: David AA8IK
Field Day Chairman: John AA8UU
Newsletter Editor: Rick KB5OO
VE Testing: Jerry W9NPI
2-Meter Net Managers: Bob N8REL
2-Meter Net Managers: Lee KD8TBC
2-Meter Net Managers: John W8TOY
Contesting Mentor: Mike WD8S
Contesting Mentor: Gerry K8GT
Contesting Mentor: Larry K8MU
Banquet Chairman: Rey W8REY
Repeater Chairman: John AA8UU
Donuts: Brenda KD8SGB
Siren Testing Subnet: Marsha N8FE
MSPOTA Coordinator: John AA8UU
VUCC / WAS Card Checker: Sean K8KHZ
Education Coordinator: Jerry W9NPI