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November Sweepstakes

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The November Sweepstakes provides an opportunity to exercise your contesting skills.

Objective: For stations in the United States and Canada, including territories and possessions, to exchange QSO information with as many other US and Canadian stations as possible on 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meter bands.

Operating Guideline: You must include your call sign in the exchange information you transmit to the other station.  This is generally done between your precedence, A/B/Q/M/S/U, and your check, year of first license, as follows:

CQing Station: CQ Sweepstakes from W9JJ     Answering Station: W1AW     CQer: W1AW 123 A W9JJ 79 CT     Ans: 43 M W1AW 31 CT     CQer: Thanks, CQ Sweepstakes from W9JJ

Dates: CW: First full weekend, November 3-5, 2018. Phone: Third full weekend, November 17-19, 2018. Contest Period: Begins 2100 UTC Saturday and runs through 0259 UTC Monday.

Logs:  are due within SEVEN (7) days after the event is over.

More information can be found at the ARRL Web page – http://www.arrl.org/sweepstakes.

The club provides the following awards: An official ARRL sweepstakes pin for 100 QSO’s; An ARRL mug for a clean sweep.

HPARC Vounteer Open Positions

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Volunteer, Show up, Have Fun!
  Many of our club members are supporting the club by volunteering. We appreciate the effort of all our volunteers. Many club members are interested in learning how they can contribute their time and talents to the amateur radio hobby and the club. There are many volunteer opportunities for our club members to contribute their time and talents as noted in the table below. Filling these volunteer positions will ensure the continuation of the club’s activities and the enjoyment by the club members and visitors. Let Jim K8ABZ, First Vice President, know your volunteer interests.

David AA8IK – President HPARC