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This is not your grandfather’s ham radio

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Ham radio: It’s not just for old guys anymore

This video from YouTube shows 9 year old Yoshiki, KH0UA, operating in the 2009 All Asian DX Phone Contest from Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands. Yoshiki is licensed in Japan as JF1UCV and contests from Saipan with his dad Kuniyoshi, 7J1FPU/W1FPU. The exchange for the contest is RS + age. Note that his second contact is with a 10 year old Japanese girl Eri, JF1VGZ/1 and they exchange 59 09 and 59 10.

Please bear with me…

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I’m trying to understand the innards of the club’s website in order to provide all the members with an improved place to get club information on the web. Please bear with me as I turn features on and off to see what the effect is on the “front side” of the site.

As you may have noticed, I’m also trying to make the site more visually attractive. And since it’s now the twenty-first century and browsers now display pictures and graphics, I thought I’d start to put some on the site to give your browsers a workout. But I need your help. If you have any pictures of club activities, please send them along and I’ll see if I can integrate them into the site.

You may also have noticed a couple of additions in the left sidebar. The first is an RSS feed from the WA7BNM 8-Day Contest Calendar. This lists contests from the previous day through the next six days. Clicking a link brings up a page with quite a detailed summary of the contest–the times, entry classes, exchange, and links to the sponsor’s rule page and log submission address.

At the bottom the the left sidebar (at least today), is an RSS feed of amateur radio news from the Southgate Amateur Radio Club in the UK. Since ham radio is a worldwide hobby, it’s nice to have a non-local slant on things.

In about the middle of the right sidebar is a form for callsign searches on QRZ.com for your convenience. And finally, in the list of links is a link to the results of my efforts in the ARRL 10-Meter Contest earlier this month as analyzed by some software called SH5. It’s not there to show off (I only made just over 200 contacts–what better equipped contest stations do in just over an hour) but as example of what we could do with the club’s logs for events like Field Day and Sweepstakes, and with members’ logs as well.

I also put it there to entice you to get on the air. We’re beginning to approach the maximum in a solar cycle that so far had been a big disappointment, but which is now producing conditions that we haven’t seen in years. Especially on 10-meters, a band that everybody with a license has privileges on.

Plug K8MU into that QRZ thingie and see that antenna I used in the contest and then check out the results. SH5 produced over 40 pages of analysis of a 200-contact log with charts and graphs and maps and propagation forecasts. Poke around the pages–there are links everywhere. It just might entice you to get on the air. Especially if you have a better antenna than mine!

Larry K8MU

Field Day 2010

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Saturday June 26 through Sunday 27

Special Guests will be Two Troy Boy Scout Troups

EVERYONE WELCOME – Licensed or not. This year we return to our regular location at Hazelwood Campground near Mt. Holly. A map is on the ARRL Locator at http://www.arrl.org/field-day-locator. Search for callsign W8HP or for club HPARC. Check out our Field Day page for specific information. We are looking for any and all to come join the F-U-N.

Read about us online at http://www.candgnews.com/Homepage-Articles/2010/06-16-2010/Hazel-Park-radio-club.asp or in the the Madison-Park newspaper.

Field Day

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Field Day is the last full weekend in June. We will be on the air for 24 hours and need operators for the entire 24 hour period (even in the middle of the night).

This is a contest to test our ability to operate in the field on emergency power and with portable antennas. We rely on the generosity of our members who donate their time and equipment for the weekend.  In the past we thank Mike WD8S, Gerry K8GT, Dee N8UZE and Carl N8AE for lending their radio equipment. And Bob WB8ATZ for making sure that our other equipment is all working and up to snuff and bringing them out to the Field Day site.

Wel have something for everyone. No matter if you are heavy into contesting or just want to operate and make some Q’s. Experience not required—just that you want to give it the old college try.

We also will have the GOTA station. Anyone who has gotten their license in the past year or does not have a license can work the GOTA station. There will be a control operator on duty at all times. Bring your kids to introduce them to ham radio. We get extra points for them and see if they can get 20 QSO’s so their score willl count.  Remember with the GOTA station 20 is the magic number.  Each operator must make at least 20 QSO’s for them to count.


HPARC Dayton Hamvention Plans

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Dayton Hamvention is Friday, May 16 Sunday, May 18
HPARC has rooms reserved for Thursday-Saturday nights at the usual location:
Hampton Inn
45 Troy Town Dr
Troy, OH 45373
This is located next to I-75 at exit 74.
All rooms have 2 double beds. 8 are non-smoking, while 2 are smoking.
Rooms are available for any combination of the above nights.
HPARC Room rates, already including tax, are $95/night.
Please print, complete, and include the attached form with your payment. Payments are due no-later then Wednesday, April 9.

HPARC is planning to have a tent and cooler with soft drinks in the flea market area for your comfort.
The HPARC Junkology Van may be able to haul out that rare 1943 Kugel gizmometer you may find. Items hauled out of Hamvention for HPARC members must be picked-up at the Hampton Inn the same night. I will not be able to haul anything back to MI or deliver to your hotel. Haul-out space will be very limited Saturday evening. I reserve the right to refuse any items when the van is full or items with dirt, liquid, chemicals, insects, rodents, forest animals, or nuclear waste.

Contact Steve Gladstein, N8FH, for additional info. Please print out and give to Steve the Hamvention form.

Go to the official Hamvention 2008 web site for up-to-date information.