The Sunday night 2-meter net starts at 9 PM ET on the DART repeater, 146.640 (100 Hz PL). This net is used to catch members up with club news and information and just to keep in touch. The net continues throughout the summer. If you would like to be a net control operator, please contact the net manager Bill, N8QVS.

Control ops download the Sunday night 2m Net Control Script.


Chrysler Bell Victory Siren
In 1952, the city of Detroit purchased 20 Chrysler-built air raid sirens at a cost of $5,500 each (approximately $43,966.48 in 2009 dollars).

The HPARC club operates the Oakland County ARPSC monthly Siren Test subnet. The sirens sound at 1 PM on the first Saturday of the month beginning in March and ending in November. The participants usually get on the air about 12:30 PM as they head toward their sirens.

We use the DART repeater on 146.640 MHz (100Hz PL). The net manager is Marsha Fleming N8FE. Ed Walton N8LBS is assistant. If you want to participate in the siren test, please contact Marsha at to be pre-assigned a siren.

Also if you are near a siren when it sounds, feel free check in to the net when she calls for additional check-ins.

NOTE:  There is NO siren test on the first Saturday in April; instead in 2012 a special siren test will held on Wednesday, April 18 at 1 PM in conjunction with Severe Weather Awareness Week.

The HPARC sirens are located in the cities of:

Beverly Hills
Bloomfield Hills
Farmington Hills
Franklin Village
Hazel Park
Huntington Woods
Madison Heights
Oak Park
Royal Oak
Royal Oak Township
West Bloomfield

The Chysler siren was powered by a 331 cubic-inch V-8 Hemi engine that developed 180 horsepower. The siren put out 138 dB of sound pressure at 100 feet. Follow the link below to listen.

Listen to the siren