Technician: Thursdays from January 7th to March 11th, 2021; Time, 7-9 PM Eastern. Instructors: Jerry Begel, W9NPI, Bob Lauer, N8REL, Hugh Boyle, KE8BED.

General: Mondays, from January 11th to April 5th, 2021; 7-9 PM Eastern. Instructors: Wes Plouff, AC8JF, Marv Stasak, N8HZM, John Teagarden, AA8UU.

Extra: Tuesdays, from January 12th to April 20th, 2021; 6-9 PM Eastern. Instructors: Joe Raznik, WB8ADX, Larry Koziel, K8MU, Ken Krause, AD8M.

Students will be assigned a ZOOM room and a password prior to class time. Pre-Registration is necessary!

To register, contact: [email protected]
VE Exams are cancelled do to the COVID-19 pandemic!

Students who has completed the classes will be informed when exams can be administered.

Additional Information: Jerry Begel Education Chairman W9NPI [email protected] or 248-543-2284 or ARRL web site for details.