2011 Field Day Results

The 2011 Field Day results are in, and W8HP fared quite well. There were a record number of 2666 enties this year. Overall, against all categories, W8HP finished 136th with a score of 6942 points on 1961 QSOs. In sheer number of QSOs, we did slightly better with a 133 finish.

Against all categories in the Great Lakes Division (Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky), we finished 14th out of 252 competitors, and 4th out of 92 for the state of Michigan.

For category 5A (5 simultaneous transmitters operating independent of commercial mains), we placed 10th of 83 nationally, 3rd of 19 in the Division, and 1st of 8 in Michigan.

The ARRL reported that a total of 39,246 people participated in Field Day. Our 30 participants were in a 44-way tie for 401st place nationally.

All the results are available on the ARRL website at this URL, and are sortable and searchable in a variety of ways. Check it out for yourself.

All in all, Field Day was a big success and a lot of fun for everybody involved. Thank you John AA8UU, Chairman, and all the Field Day participants.