Siren Testing

The Hazel Park Amateur Radio Club assists Oakland County, Michigan to check the outdoor sirens and report their status. The Southeastern Quadrant has 79 sirens to check each season. We also assist the other quadrants after we finish our area. The SE Quadrant is the area of Oakland County from 8 Mile Rd. on the south to South Blvd. on the north, and from Haggerty Rd. on the west to Dequindre Rd. on the east.

The Siren Test Net is held from 12:30 to 1:30 PM ET on the first Saturday of the month from March to November. NOTE: the April siren test is replaced with one on the first Wednesday of the month in conjunction with Severe Weather Awareness Week.

The net is held on the KE8HR “Spirit of ’76” VHF¬†repeater (146.760 MHz, 100.0 Hz PL, negative offset) for now.

Operators will use their own analog FM capable dual-band radio. If it is an HT, then at least a mag-mount antenna is usually needed. Volunteers will be assigned unchecked sirens throughout the area as deemed necessary. To volunteer or get more information, contact the Subnet Coordinator, Marsha Fleming, N8FE (n8fe -at- arrl -dot- net).